Scrolling hijacking with image zoom in and zoomout + content fade in and out on it!

I want to develop scroll hijacking with image zoom in and out on scroll + text fade in and out on it. Can anyone help me?

I think the words i’m looking for are “Why, oh dear god why”…

But, in general terms… what have you done so far?


The point of a forum is to have an open discussion both for your own improvement and those that may follow. What would you be “inboxing” me about?


basically i have a six section in the design which is the animation part, when we scroll the website and that section comes in the viewport then we cant scroll down and when we scroll more only background image zoom in and text fade in on it, when we do more scroll than image change and image will again zoom in on scroll and new text will fade on it, similarly when we reach 5th image and content then its fixed position will be remove and we can scroll more to the further website sections.

Hi @jawadali,

I’m presuming that when @m_hutley asked you what have you done so far, he was expecting to see some code.

Can you provide the code you have so far, or at the very least a sample of that code?

You can either paste the code here then select it and use the </> button above to format it, or alternatively if you can provide a link to a codepen, jsfiddle or similar that might be better.



This is doable. Can you tell us what JavaScript experience you have?

3 months of experience

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