Scrollbar on top of a div

Guys, I’m developing a simple gallery where the thumbnails are displayed below the large image within a div. As this div is smaller than the number of images, will have scrollbar, but I want that scrollbar is at the top of the div. How do I do that?
I was trying it, but I do not know how to get div width auto.

A better and nicer solution for something like this would be to use a custom jQuery scrollbar plugin that way its consistent between every browser and only requires on extra element inside a parent container rather than the extra jQuery and child container you currently have.

Now I’m using it and it worked perfectly, but as my gallery is [URL=“”]Galleriffic, I want that when I click “Next Photo” scrolling moves.

Personally I would go with something like jScrollPane which has a very nice API behind it, I have used it in the past and within around 10 minutes I had it styled, working and integrated into my own custom JavaScript using the API where as the jQuery UI slider isn’t really that trivial to setup with custom event triggers.