Scroll left, scroll right, scroll up, scroll down... site creation question


I’m looking to design or get designed a site which is simply a full page image which then has a slider which can move up or down, left or right. So for example, you may click right on one image and it will slide to another image. When this image appears it gives you the option of sliding up or down, left or right. I didn’t think it would be that complex but can’t seem to find any decent templates out there or actually more importantly any that do the job…

Help greatly appreciated…


Hi mattbambow. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

This sort of functionality requires JavaScript, but unless you can find a script that is already written to do this, you either have to write it yourself (which takes plenty of skill) or find a programmer.

Supersized come to mind, but it’s not really what you are asking for.

I do not understand you scroll “left right up and down” formula. Usually websites are either vertically scrolling or horizontal scrolling only. You could have a one page website with each sections either below or aside.