Scroll bars in IE7


Can anyone help me find out why i get scrollbars on this page in IE7:

On page load you will see a popup box appear. In firefox and IE8 it looks perfect but in IE7 i get scrollbars. Any ideas?

Thanks again

Hi again Billy, FF/IE are giving scrollbars. That’s because widths of the items inside are greater then the parents. Thus scrollbars.

Check over every element (PS-on .white-content remove the percent width and give a width equal to the width of the elements iinside)

Or lower the widths of hte items inside. Basically do some math :slight_smile:


In my version of FF it looks perfect, but in IE7 and 8 i get the scroll bars, i have just change with width of white_content to 512px

But i still get the scrollbars. Any ideas?

Hi, my monitor isn’t showing it, though if I close the browser window some then it shows. That means it is doing a percentage of hte browser window
On “.white_content” you set a width in percentages. Bingo. If you set a width, such as 636px on that elmenet (instead of 40.2%) then at smaler screens elements won’t drop, thus vertical scrollbars, and thus because of the drop, the horizontal scrollbar won’t appear (untested, this is theory)

Setting a pixel width should do the job though :slight_smile:

Or, you could set a min-width:636px :slight_smile:

cool thanks :slight_smile:

By the way, what do you mean by hte??


Many people refer to this and i never know what it means lol


It’s a typo :slight_smile:

It should be “the”.

I often typo just because I try to type fast (mostly due to me having such a busy schedule lately). A quick read through my post would stop any of these typos but I am quite a lazy person if you get to know me ;)[/ot]