Scroll-bar issue

Hi Guys, I have been trying to make this work for months now and I’m getting depressed!

I’m using PrettyPhoto to load a chart in modalbox.

It works perfectly if the background page doesn’t have the vertical scroll-bar active, see link below:

It doesn’t work if the scroll-bar is active:

at this point I don’t know anymore if it’s a CSS or JS issue. Both pages run the same code.

Any idea?


Is the problem the jittery scrollbar? Not very clear what the issue is.
in this sample
there is no text in the left hand side when i added some it cause the same issue.
I am wander if you are either adding too much text or simply in the wrong position or in the wrong method?

Hi pdxSherpa,

first I would like to thank you!

I kind of fixed it :slight_smile: using:

body {
overflow-x: auto;
overflow-y: auto;

Thank you again.


I am happy if i was able to help in anyway :slight_smile: i first thought an overflow:hidden would work but that was off.
Congrats on the fix!