Script not working

This script works well in local wamp server when it is called from flashplayer10 through a FileReference object . Actually when an upload button is clicked the script is called through fr.upload() … but it does not work in server . though upload progress is seen , no error is thrown . Please help

   $myimage = new SimpleImage();
   if($h>=$w){$myimage->resizeToHeight(50); }
   else{$myimage->resizeToWidth(50); }


I am not sure without seeing your working environment but it might be something path problems. Check the paths of the files including and calling.

Thanks ! I have figured it out … It was indeed folder permission problem … changed the directory permission to 777 :smiley:

check folder permissions as well…
and file uploads do gives different error codes based on action…
better use some if condition and trace the error code 0,1…so on

For a touch more security, rather use 757.