Script language in web page design?

hi all!
I want to know how much important a script language is to learn web page designing?

It depends what sort of websites you’re going to be designing, and what your role in the process is going to be (eg, is it a big team or just you?). Generally, I’d say ‘no’. (X)HTML and CSS are essential, scripting is often either not needed or can be cribbed from elsewhere. I’ve managed with minimal knowledge of scripting, I’ve copied occasional scripts from other places, last year I wrote a script from first principles but I was reading how to do it at the same time.

I first got into web design when I was 13 or so, after an introduction to it at school. Web design is fun, but for me, the website’s I designed had to be functional, so I eventually decided to get into learning PHP. I’ve never really sat down and learnt javascript. It’s one of those things which I’ve just slowly picked up over the years. I now know most of the syntax, but these days I pretty much rely on jQuery. I find it hard to motivate myself to really get into learning javascript, because I know there’s a lot of inconsistency between browsers and so I really don’t want to endure the learning curve associated with discovering all the browser quirks. jQuery mostly takes care of that for me. JavaScript however was actually the first programming language I ever learnt. It introduced me to the basic concepts like variables, conditions, statements, etc, which made getting into PHP a fair bit easier.

So my response to you is to learn on a need or want basis. Focus purely on web design for now, but when you want to go beyond static web pages, start to look at a either a server-side or client-side language to learn. By taking this approach, you’ll ensure that you have plenty of motivation and enthusiasm.

Even if you only use other peoples’ code, it can be very useful to know at least a little bit of javascript and php plus the basics of jQuery. You don’t necessarily need to be able to develop anything from scratch, but it is massively helpful if you know enough that you can at least kind of figure out what is going on with other peoples scripts when you are using them in your own work.

Also, even if all you know about php is how to set a variable, how to echo a variable, how to use an include file, you can do some powerful and useful things even with purely static sites:

Use an include file to set the header and the footer, and all the sudden you can make changes to every site from a single file. Set variables per page, and then you can easily set titles within the header file for each page in a separate file. Very nice things to be able to do, and very easy to learn with with PHP.

“I’m not sure what browser inconsistancies you are referring to regarding the way javascript works. Could you give an example please. In my experience I haven’t come across or written any javascript that doesn’t work as it should in at least all the most popular browsers.”

I also would like to hear about these inconsistencies. I like jquery because many of the things I use make things a lot smoother across browsers without me having to worry about it. For instance, I use a rounded corners plug that simply uses the webkit/geko methods but then adds rounded corners that work in IE7+. Very smooth!

Hi there NewGenMarketing,

This is just personal opinion, if you are doing web pages for yourself and you do not have hefty expectations or requirements for websites then I could easily answer that it is not likely an extremely important thing.

On the other hand, if your desire is to eventually make current websites that are dynamic in nature, meaning that they change as the users needs change in most cases, you would like to have your website do some of those cool effects you see all over the web, or you are attempting to break into the business as a future developer for either a company or doing it as an individuals for other people and companies then learning scripting is a must.

Each website is unique, a work of art if you will. In order to adequately be able to provide for your own, or others current and future needs at least a familiar knowledge of scripting language is going to be the only way that you will be able to get things going and keep them growing.