Script(JS) doesn't work on the client's website

I wrote a script for slideshow based on InnerFade.
It works without any problem on my computer and doesn’t work on the client’s website.
The website build on Joomla and the code is a bit heavy. Styles, everything is inside.
They want it so. They also asked me to put everything in the body, so they can use it as an independent module.
Not easy to understand what is the matter on this page and I don’t understand what prevent the script from working.
The slideshow should be under "Successful Companies Use Xorcom! " on the right.
div id=“customers_slideshow” and JS is placed above the div.

It is easy if you use the error console.

I didn’t get any javascript errors in the Firefox console, but the mark-up has a few multiple id values

Do you mean debugger? Could you be a bit more specific?

I use an unique id. I didn’t create this website. They just asked me to write a script.

Either the Firefox error console or Firebug, which was showing an unterminated string error, which has now been corrected.

Yes. Thank you. I have found an error console and used it.
It was a war with a Joomla HTML Editor that splits rows.
At the and i changed the script and everything works.
I haven’t uploaded a last version yet.
Thanks to everyone.

By the way. Could you recommend me a not very complicated JS debugger?

They all work mostly the same way.

Compare for example these screenshots of Chrome’s Javascript Console with Firefox’s [url=“”]Firebug debugger and IE’s [url=“”]developer tools

You’ll find that they all look very similar to each other, because they all need to help the programmer to deal with the same problems.

Thank you!