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I am designing a web application for identification of plants and currently being my subject of my M.Sc. dissertation.
The webpage app is here:

There are two side by side images showing a specimen of a plant. I need to advance this feature by having a set of images instead one which the user can scroll with a next/prev button and hopefully enlarge to a full size with another button (but this is of less priority against the next/prev scroll slideshow). The app is php/mysql based (I know very little on java) and the image data should be fed to the script by php code. I was hoping that there is already a script / function that can be integrated in my app.

I need something very simple (ideally in php) which can be altered to custom the app.

This would be the ideal scenario

function simpleslideshow ($datarray) {slideshow php script}

simpleslideshow $dataplant10

$dataplant10 = array(pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg, pic3.jpg, pic4.jpg, pic5.jpg,);
(pic1.jpg - pic5.jpg will be fetched from MySql database)

Result: Image pic1.jpg is displayed in its <td> </td> cell and when user click next arrow, pic2.jpg is shown (if with transitions, that wold be a cherry on the cake!)

What’s more challanging is that when the user hovers over another cell, the slideshow changes but let’s tackle one problem at a time… I just need this kind of slideshow script.

Hi there,

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This kind of functionality is usually achieved using JavaScript.

Here is a list of free sliders that you can easily add to your website:
Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

Oh! Gosh double impressed! (1) That what I am really looking for (2) Fast reply!

I will explore these very carefully as they are the stuff i want (at least that is my first impression). The only thing is that I am not java friendly so I may not be able to parse the data to the java script from the php code…

Many thanks Pullo

Hi there,

Good stuff :slight_smile:

Please be aware that Java is not the same as JavaScript.

If you’re interested, you can read more here:

Anyway, if you need any help implementing a slider, just let us know. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

Dear Pullo,
my first attemt for a static implementation of WOW Slideshow went well ( I am seeing that Wowslider operates quite interestingly for my scope (I hope). As I see, it makes all the routines in a folder called engine1, and images in data1 which can both be renamed or placed in custom folders given that you rename accordingly the html script. I am pleased to notice that the image content is in the html area in a series of <li> tags. So I am hoping that if I construct with php the <li> structure containing the particular images (obtained from MySQL) the slideshow will work… and you can even have two slideshows at one page. The little pain is that WowSlideshow ad at the corner and I have many expenses atm (besides that my web is educational not business)

So far so good, thank you

I am quite rusty coder onl php/mysql/html - slightly touched Java and I admit that I was not aware that java and java-script are different words

Looks good :slight_smile:

If you don’t like the WOW slider advert in the corner, then simply use a different plugin.

Here’s a really simple one which should do what you want: