Script for Screenshot of website in browser?

I’m curious if anyone knows of a PHP script that will allow people to put in a URL and then the result is seeing a picture of the website in your browser, usually accomplished by taking a picture/screenshot.

HTML is text. Your browser interprets the HTML and presents the output with pretty pictures.
PHP is not a browser.

Yes, we all know that. :wink:

There are several sites that allow you to put in a URL and a PNG or JPG is generated. Some don’t provide you with any browser information, e.g. this is what your web page looks like in IE7 or IE9, while others do have screenshot generators for different browsers. I’d like to install one on one of our servers.

That’s quite tricky. You’ll need to install the browsers too, then grab the screens from the desktop using ffmpeg or something. Or set up a windows server and use COM to grab screenshots from IE.

I don’t think there’s a download-and-install software you can use for this.

You might want to use an existing service such as or Perhaps they have an API you can access.