Script for drop down menu of html language codes matched to country codes

Script for drop down menu of html language codes matched to country codes
I want to add a drop down menu for translators who register on my site to indicate their to/from language abilities. I need the html language code matched to the country code. I am sure this has been done and I am willing to buy it if I can find it somewhere. Any idea where to get a script like this?

How far have you got with creating it so far?

No where. I have the list of html codes for country and for language but it is going to be a lot of work to combine them in the proper way so I was hoping to find a script or form with this already in place so I could use/buy it.

Do you need both a country list and a language list? Won’t the list of languages be enough?

Ummm… these are translators so I need the language list that includes the country where necessary. For example: fr-CA for Canadian French so I guess that is called the language list so maybe you are right.

I would have thought that was the easiest way.

It means you’ll have a long list of <option>s for the translate from and translate to <select> statements but other than the length, the HTML code will be simple enough.

the problem is finding the list , not making the form. There are hundreds of different combinations of language code and country code. For example, Switzerland has at least five national languages. Canada has two. Spanish is spoken in numerous countries of which many have their own dialect. I am looking for this complete list. Building the form is not a problem.

Ah - I thought you had the list! Does this help anywhat?

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