Screenshot demo software

I’m curious if anyone knows of software that can create an interactive screnshot demo of a web site so it can be shown when offline.

I’m thinking of something that could take a screen shot of each page, then scan the page for links and create imagemap hotlinks inside the screenshot. One could then navigate through the screenshots of the web site as if you were on the actual site.

The purpose is to give interactive demos of a site when onsite at a large company that might not allow you to use their Internet connection, and also when carrying a full working demo system on a laptop is not feasible.

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something like ?

Demo Builder seems to be a movie-like recording of a specific sequence through a site.

What I’m thinking of would create an interactive site where a user could click on elements of the site during the demo and then the screenshot that corresponds to that site would be shown.

An example would be the first page displays your home page, with some navigation links on it. The user could then click on the “Contact” link, and then be shown a screenshot of your contact page. Any of the links in the site would be active in this way.

This is not very useful in the example above, but if the pages were generated from a database or something, that would remove the need for a whole database during a demo/sales-pitch, and instead show a screenshot of what would have come out of the database.

I appreciate the responses, but please read the requirements. I am not looking for simple screen video recording software. I’m looking for something very different from that.

orev, I don’t think anything like that exists (that I’m aware of), there are some rapid prototyping tools out there but they don’t work off screenshots filling in the blanks. It certainly would be an interesting idea for a software product though :slight_smile:

If there is no need for dynamic content or functionality then any decent site ripper software could probably do this.

Mind you, anything that you need to demo is probably going to have that sort of thing, otherwise it’s pretty much just a bunch of html pages.

well does Flash movies do that?

It might if one were to create a flash movie from scratch, but is there also a way to “record” an existing site into a flash movie like this (without needing to recode the whole thing by hand in flash)

Have you considered getting an Internet connection through one of the cell phone companies?

If they won’t let you use their Internet connection you can just use your own through your laptop and no need to install anything special on your system or create these demos.

That’s also an option that we considered, but sometimes if you’re in a big building the signal doesn’t penetrate. I guess the real solution is to have multiple options and hopefully at least one of them is working.