Screen with error in displaying the data, sql code does not work

this page has an error when pressing the money button to consult, I have sql code but it is not working properly

sql code used:

e.nomeEvento,p.nomecompl,c.nomecasa, COALESCE(l.observacao,'Sem informação') AS `observacao`, CONCAT('R$ ',REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(FORMAT(IFNULL(l.valorExtornado, 0), 2), ".", "@"), ",", "."), "@", ",")) AS `valorExtornado`,
l.idpart, l.parcela, AS idParticipante, DATE_FORMAT(l.datavcto, '%d/%m/%Y') AS `dataVcto`,
CONCAT('R$ ',REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(FORMAT(l.valor, 2), ".", "@"), ",", "."), "@", ",")) AS `valorDevido`,
IF(l.datapgto IS NULL,'danger','success') AS `pagoCSS`,
IF(l.datapgto IS NULL,'Pendente','Pago') AS `pago`,
IFNULL(DATE_FORMAT(l.datapgto,'%d/%m/%Y'),'') AS `dataPgto`, CONCAT('R$ ',REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(FORMAT(IFNULL(l.valorpago, 0), 2), ".", "@"), ",", "."), "@", ",")) AS `valorPago`,
(SELECT COUNT(1) FROM UF_financeiro_lctofinan WHERE  AND fl_excluido='N') AS NUM_PARCELAS
FROM UF_financeiro_lctofinan AS l
LEFT JOIN UF_eventos_participantes AS p ON
LEFT JOIN UF_eventos AS e ON e.id_evento=p.id_evento
LEFT JOIN UF_casas AS c ON p.idcasainscr = c.idcasa
LIMIT 150 -- retirar esse LIMIT depois, isso é apenas para debugar

If that query’s the one causing the problem, what does the database tell you when you try to run it manually?

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