Screen Inverter

Hey Guys,

Sorry if i asked this already I can’t even remember but I never found what I wanted.

Does anyone know if there is a way to INVERT your screen? Or some type of tool that sits in your task bar that you flick on/off to switch colors?

Because the white hurts my eyes. I do not like the Accesibility thing in Windows XP because it messes up all my fonts and I want to turn it off sometimes.

Start > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > Magnifier. Has the options to invert…however, I’m using Windows 7 so it may not function the same.
It actually works wonders in Windows 7. It inverts everything including videos. I would take a screenshot…but the way the inversion is done its not possible…at least that I can tell…

You should be able to customize the accessibility tools in Windows so it only affects what you want it too.

This seems to do the job:

I was being dumb…a screenshot is possible I just thought it didn’t work cause I was still in inverted colors by the image was inverted to original colors… >.>