Scrapped content - Adsense not approved

Hello helpies,

A few weeks ago I have applied for Google Adsense for my blog ListAbsolute.

Yesterday I got email from Google that my request isn’t approves due to scrapped content.

The blog has only 25 posts and are with 100% unique. After reading the guidelines once agian what I understand is, scrapped content are those who copied, re-written and than published.

Now my question is how can I find those posts out of my 25 posts in the website? Is there any tool that can help me?
If got scrapped content, should I remove that or just need to add value to the source of content?

Can anyone help get my Adsense application approved? Please review my blog and share your thoughts.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Surender,
I really feel your pain, even I had the same problem once. I Changed few things such as titles and some changes in content and applied for Adsense again. It was approved luckily.

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Thanks David,

I have noted your points. How did you find which content is scrapped? I’ll make changes in the title and content once found the scrapped post.


This is a common problem when we are applying as a beginner and as davidlee21071996 suggested is absolutely right and definitely it will be helpful.

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“Scraping” content is stealing it from others. They have done the hard work, creating good content, and somebody else has decided to simply copy and use it, not just without permission, but passing it off as their own.

Search engines rightly penalise such behaviour and are, thankfully, getting better at detecting it. Changing a few words or “spinning” an article does not change the fact that you are using somebody else’s content.

Don’t do it.


Thanks for your clarification. I have some doubts…

When I’m creating an article on “A list of top 10 real estate websites in India” the choice or others and mine may be similar and may be not…

What if the list is somewhere same (may be in different orders) but the elaboration of each site is my own words? Will you call it “Scrapping”?

If in any case, my contnet is scrapped, giving credit with a link to original content source will help me getting approval?

If your article is based upon your own unique research, then any similarity to another article will be minor and coincidental. If you have simply taken somebody else’s list and changed it around, that is still plagiarism and not acceptable.

Not unless you have received permission from the original author to use their work on your site.

You can, of course, quote a small section of an article, and give proper attribution, as part of your own article, but you cannot take and use somebody else’s article without their consent, any more than you can take and use their car without their consent.

Sorry to bother you… So what you suggest me next step before I ask Adsense team to review my application once again.?

Changing the whole list?
Changing the titles?
Removing the complete article?
Not changing the title just change the body content?
Not writing anymore content like these list (this may be somewhere impossible for me, as my blog theme is only about list…)

I am inspired from another site they’re doing the same and have Adsense on website…

Thank you

The only thing I can advise you to do is to ensure all the content on your site is your own, unique creation - not copied, scraped, spun or otherwise taken from elsewhere. Only you know how much work this will entail on your part.

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Thanks for the feedbacks

When applying for adsense you need to be 100% on their policy, need to follow everything right, small mistakes might lead to disapproval, so when crafting your content be careful and adsense are mindful of many things when reviewing your blog.

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Hi Surender,
Problem solved ?

Try my method it works.
Let me know it worked or not?

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  1. Change the titles a bit.
  2. Change few sentences in the articles
    and apply again
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Hello David,

Yes, I have noted you tips and was seeking for more help…

I have not made any changes yet. I don’t to be get disapproved 2nd time.

There are 25 posts in my blog that I need to go through.


I start a blog in Jun 2018 with my partner and believe me within 30 days we published only 8 unique articles 1000+ words each and applied for Adsense and in 3 days got email for approval. In short quantity is not a matter you should focus on quality of your content.


Yes, meettokhan is 100% right quality is more important than quantity.
Surender54 I asked some of my friends who had this problem, They told sometimes even a paragraph having copied or similar content can result in disapproval.

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