Scraping charts from this website?

Hi guys,

I want to have these charts from HERE on my website, or just data on my website. How can I put it on my website? These data also refresh often so is it possible to have some kind of timing inside script, so it takes data every minute?

Hmm, looks like its content is produced dynamically from a file from host Your best bet might be to examine that file and see how it generates its content.

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It looks like those charts are essentially the sole content of that site, so I don’t think they would want thier charts elsewhere.
That said, you could contact them about whether or not they have an API you could use.

Interesting point. I wonder what the legalities are there and whether you can copyright data not originating from your own servers. That is whether you can copyright the presentation of data already in the public domain. However, from a more pragmatic point of view, they may be able to block your scraping by blocking your ip address and then one ends up playing the “find a new web proxy” game. Maybe more trouble than its worth.

I think my original assertion about the javascript being remotely loaded might be a bunny trail. Looks like the DOM modifying javascript is in the main html template near end of web page.

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If they don’t have an API for others to use the data they’ve aggregated, it should be possible to do the same.

From the site’s FAQ

Exchanges that provide real-time feeds are of course shown in real-time. Other exchanges that do not provide real-time data are updated every minute.

All one would need do is use the same exchange feeds and aggregate the data themselves.