Scrapebox Or Manual

I am at the stage where I either need to pay an SEO or do some serious link building myself.

I want to find good places to link build leaving decent comments, not spam. Spending some time on this.

Do I pay an SEO or do I do it myself and buy Scrapebox.

I’ve been umming and aaaarghing for some time on Scrapebox.

I mean, how do the QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL SEO companies do it??? Is it an invaluable tool.

I want to use it to get links but manually comment on the links it finds.

If not ScrapbeBox What??


one approach could be searching on google for related keywords and make a list of the sites you could get links from.
blog directories could be another source.

Yes but I want to ease that process with something that tells me PR and other information. I don’t plan to use it to comment, just to find the right sites to comment on, leaving proper comments

I can tell you that scrapebox can be used very effective to find blogs with high PR or low OBL or do-follow with or without captcha, … or all of them.
It simply dose the job of a hundred men in few minutes.

Depending on how many comment backlinks you want to leave, you may buy a list or make your own (with scrapebox, or manual).

You can’t do serious link building with scrapebox. You can only spam with scrapebox.