Scope for internet studies?

What is the scope for a course on Internet studies?:confused:

good scope

Hello, What I think now a days,there are lots of scope in the Internet field. May be you can build career as a Internet marker or may be web design & developer, that all depend upon your interest.After all Good Luck!!

Very bright scope. :slight_smile:

Along with the other posters, I can’t respond until you elaborate. There are many scopes and types of internet studies - if you could give us more info, we may be better equip to answer as I know a great deal about internet classes.

its a new course msc internet studies. In this we have subjects like cyber crime,web programming (html),sociology of internet in sem I and business on internet,multimedia,online communities, in sem II… :slight_smile:

very very good scope :slight_smile:


Extremely wide scope of Internet studies in this technical world… gives us opportunity to become a good web devloper and provides knowledge of cyber crimes and cyber laws… :slight_smile: