Scite Assistance?

Embarrassed to ask this but I took a break from m website and stopped updating a little over a year ago. When I was keeping it updated I used Scite for editing (was the program suggested at my evening course years ago). Anyway I downloaded the latest version but cannot remember how to open the editing page? i.e. I want to edit html pages but can’t remember how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you…

I tried to make a minor change to my index using Word and now it has Chinese characters. I had another under construction which I uploaded temporarily. I have a couple of duplicate folders for my website and can get the correct index page back up IF I can figure out how to get an editing program to open. Why Scite looks different now is beyond me. Hoping someone here can help or even suggest another editing program that neophyte senior citizen can understand.

I’m sure your problem is trivial and there is nothing wrong with SciTE. But I haven’t used it in about 6 or 7yrs and there’s no reason to go back. Even then, I just used it because it had the best AutoIT/AutoHotkey support.

Look at Sublime Text (unlimited free trial) or Atom (free) or Visual Studio Code (free).

Did you add this since your original post? I didn’t see it this morning. You probably realise now that Word is not a suitable editor for HTML (it is a word processor not a text editor). If you can’t get Scite to work (I have no knowledge of Scite) then just use Notepad or any TEXT editor.


Yes I did…my bad and yes I learned a lesson. I will try notepad to see what happens. All I want to do is get back my index/opening page with links. I have a copy of the html and I just need to get an editor that is similar to scite or that I am comfortable using.



I use Notepad++ and I’m quite happy with it. It doesn’t look as good as Sublime but it suits me and I know how to do my macros and I know I can create extensions. Sublime has all these features of course, and I’m sure that people have built thousands of extensions… but Notepad++ is good enough for me

You might want to see if that helps you. At least until you find an editor that you like

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A hard lesson, but one you’ll remember! Good job keeping a backup of your HTML!

Me too.

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Just downloaded Coffeecup and got the page back…thanks. Wlll give notepad a try as well. Appreciate your help.


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