School Archives


I’ve been looking through my school’s archives and have found records dating back to well over a hundred years.
It seems that nothing is in order and there is a lot to sort out.
I would like to publish the documents onto website and make it accessible to he public.

I’d like to know if anyone knows of any open source applications which can be used to catalogue the data and make it searchable on a website. If there aren’t any can you please suggest how I may be able toc reate my own.
As I’m quite new tot hsi concept let me know what should actually be in the database/catalogue (obviously things sucha s title,description and date have to be in there)

I have alot of scanning to do- so I can publish everything.
I was thinking of maybe doing it with an OPAC open source software- but I can’t fidn any that will do the job.

Please let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions, comments.

Many Thanks,

You should ask school’s administrators before even thinking about putting it online/

Oh no- I will be working with the school but this is student lead project

There should be quite a few open source solutions to do this, you might want to look at a wiki (restrict access to contributors) or a CMS like Drupal.

You can test drive a bunch of these at and see if you find one that you’re comfortable with.

Though I am not much aware of the functionalities provided, you can have a look at GreenStone Digital Library Project - This open source software could be used to catalog items.

We have used it at a couple of libraries for digital media / books / periodicals but am not sure how much of a help it would be.

Anyway if you do use this or any other solution, kindly post the solution used as it would be useful to others too :slight_smile: