Schema or structured data in wordpress

I use dreamweaver for templates in wordpress and like to know if anyone knows 1) a good extention for schema in dreamweaver or 2) how to keep the schema code active as the code in wordpress is taken out if you move from the text (or HTML) code view to the Visual view, when you go back to the code view your schema is taken out. wordpress example here you can enter this in the google tester below

Also google has just changed the article criteria so all articles before 3 days ago need to be redone becuase the required fields have Changed test this with google structured data tester

Welcome to the forum, @NaturesSlimTea.

I’m somewhat confused by your questions. (Maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee yet. )

What exactly is the issue you are seeing with the schema markup? I’ve checked both your links in the Google tester, and they both look OK to me. What do you think should be showing up that isn’t?

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