Scared to become a link farm

i am using some premium services to build some kind of site with blogs social network and forum features
i am scared the spammers and the easy option to share link is just available to all user , so i think i can.t monitore a thousand users
so what is the solution to avoid any issue with link farm troubles
Is that risky or safe to put no follow in my tags , please seeds the ideas
thank you

First thing to do is to ensure that all hyperlinks in users’ posts have a “rel=nofollow” attribute. That will discourage some of the attempts to post spammy links purely for SEO purposes. But you’ve got to make sure that everybody knows that you are doing this. But even so, you’ll only stop a small percentage of such attempts.

If the problem is particularly bad, you will have to monitor all user-contributed content, and immediately remove any spam that you see. You should also consider banning persistent offenders.

If that’s too much work, at least monitor the first few posts by each new member. After the member has submitted a post, hold it in a buffer, and don’t make it visible until you’ve checked it.

You say you won’t be able to monitor a thousand users. If you really expect to get a thousand users, and if you think those users will need constant monitoring, then you must either be prepared to spend a lot of time doing that, or find someone to help you. If you can’t justify the cost of paying someone to help you with the monitoring, then perhaps you need to review your business model.


Yeah. You will probably end up monitoring a whole host of posts. As above, you’ll either need to monitor it or get an admin in to monitor it / report button so users can self police.

The way I look at it is like this. If people want to take part in discussions/blogs e.t.c and they generally have something to say or want to say something…Why do they need to have a link back to their own website. Posting is to give something back to the discussion, not get a link to your website so, personally, I would allow comments but omit the usual website field and don’t allow any links in the body text or just monitor those.

Once people realise they aren’t getting a linkback they probably won’t bother posting and only those who have something to say will…

That’s the only way I can think of to limit spam, everything these days gets abused in some way or another.

Captcha text will also eliminate scraping software (I think)