Scanner Manager / Bulk Scanning

I was looking out for a scanning software which would allow multi page scanning and saving.

Here is what I need.
I have files each with say 1-100 pages.
Once I start a batch it should import from scanner the images (via flat bed scanner).
Then once done with the batch it should save as PDF and save the batch.
I downloaded the trials of VueScan and ABBYY. Both look reasonably good except in Vuescan I need to replace @ with file name at many places. If it was like a single point where I could say file name and then save options and scan profile it would be easy.
For ABBYY it saves it as a batch, but then I need to manually save as PDF.

If there is any automated software available then kindly suggest me options which could import the images from scanner and once batch is done, automatically save the batch + save as PDF in the background while the new job starts.

Thanks Force Flow and Alex for your responses.

I have had a look at OmniPage / PaperPort (both products of Nuance). They dont offer a trial version and looked at their video tour.

I am not sure why companies do not offer such an automation tool (bulk processing of multiple batches) All offer automation tools for single batches.

To explain in detail what I am looking at it this:
I have 10 files that I need to scan. Say each file has 5 pages.
So I create a new batch take one file, scan the 5 pages and save the batch. I do the same thing for all my 10 files.
Hence now I will have 10 Batches.
Now say I want to automate a task (if you know automation like in Photoshop Actions)
For the automation task say I want to
Open Batch from a folder - where I can select the folder having 10 Batches
Then When a batch is open do the following tasks
say in task I can say Save AS PDF with options
which would save the Batches as PDF Files. Say file1.pdf, file2.pdf… file10.pdf
or say I want to create a task Save as TIFF which would like
create a folder file1 and under it save pages like file1_1.tiff, file1_2.tiff… file1_5.tiff

Such bulk automation tool I could not find any where…

It would be great if some one could let me know if such a tool is available.

Have you tried OmniPage? It allows you to bulk scan pages and then group them together = at least it did when I last used a version of it. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you may want to invest in a true document scanner, rather than a flat bed scanner.

I’ve used PaperPort in the past when I came with a document scanner I set up for a client, but I don’t recall which manufacturer made the hardware at the time. Nowadays, most manufacturers who already make printers and scanners make consumer-model document scanners (HP, Canon, Kodak, etc)