Scaled-down iframe

I once saw someone show a webpage embedded in a page, like an iframe, but they were able to scale it right down to a mini version and make it look like a thumbnail of the site. This was done in real-time, showing a neat, small statistical graph from the other web page. I can’t remember how he did this, could it have been JavaScript ? I do remember it was very simple, a couple of lines of code at the very most.

You could use an IFRAME and have JS control scaling, but you would only be able to reduce the text size, so it’d look a mess after a while. I suspect the site image was created using server-side methods, then scaled using JS or perhaps Flash.

moz transform should work, for Firefox at least
(please google it as I’m not allowed to post links just yet)

so the following code

<iframe style=“width:1300px; height:900px; -moz-transform:scale(0.75, 0.75)” src=“somewebpage.html/”></iframe>

should produce an iframe containing a functional somepage.html reduced by 25%

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