Saving pictures from instagram

can i save pictures from Instagram stories or photos that are sent in my inbox?

Hi there jabbarhuusaincs,

have you tried this desktop method…

  1. mouse right click on the image
  2. left click on “Save Image As…

For a mobile devices it probably all
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Hi, There Coothead,

I think such option is not available in desktop, Either you have to save the image through viewing source code and in that you will have to manually findout and place the link in new tab and after that only you could use save image option.
Or otherwisw you could use some third part tool

  1. mouse right click on the image
  2. left click on “ Save Image As…


I think @polomarco561516 is referring to the fact that it’s not available on Instagram, presumably as the image is set as a background image somewhere deep in the markup.

OP, maybe you can use this:

I cannot speak for other browsers, but if the image was an
unmasked background-image, then FIrefox would show this…

For masked background images I find that the…

Web Developer Extension

…is excellent at rooting out all of a web page’s images. :winky:.


I struggled with saving images and videos from Instagram when using an iPad. Kludge was to use a screen dump for images and not found a solution for videos.

It’s just very simple. Right click on your image that you want to save and after that a list of menu came out… click on Save Image as option and save it.

Sorry, that simply won’t work.
See posts #4 and #5.

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Also on the iPad Instagram is an application with both click-hold and double click disabled which I forgot to mention in my previous post.

Well, if you see something you already have it, or chunks of it, somewhere. Try your OS instead of the browser.

* Note if you need to jump hoops to save another’s content there is a good chance they intentionally want you to NOT

That is, if your intention truly is to save, probably OK, if your intention is to steal, definitely not.

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Download Any Instagram Photo Through Page Source Method:- Login into your Instagram profile on Desktop. Select the image you want to save then click on “…” on the top of the post. Then select “Go to post” from the given options.

Then click on the image and then select Inspect.I know it looks difficult but believes me it’s too easy, you are only one step far from the image.
Now div class from the above and then it shows you the code like this <img alt="Image may contain: sky, text and outdoor" class="FFVAD" decoding="auto" sizes="598px" srcset=" on
Open it new tab and image will in new tab then right click on the image and save it.