Saving and retrieving documents with invalid characters

Okay, so I’ve modified my script so it creates a file with the chosen name, and it checks file_exists()

$title = 'test a';
$name  = rawurlencode($title) . '.pdf';
copy('test.pdf', $name);
echo '<p>Title: ', $title, '</p>', PHP_EOL;
echo '<p>Name: ', $name, '</p>', PHP_EOL;
if (file_exists($name))
  echo '<p>File ', $name, ' exists!';
echo '<p><a href="', $name, '">', $title, '</a></p>', PHP_EOL;

It tells me the file does exist, but when I click on the link I get a 404! :upside_down_face:

Are copy() and file_exists() working in the same space in terms of virtual vs. absolute (filesystem) paths? Don’t forget your href link is a virtual path.

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I made sure everything is in the same directory to avoid any problems with relative paths.

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