Save as .ico in Photoshop 7?

I am trying to save my 16x16 image as favicon.ico but I cannot find the *.ico extension anywhere. How do I go about saving as this?


Not sure how to/if you can in photoshop. I usually just save them as a .gif in photoshop, open it in irfanview, and then save as .ico within irfanview.

Ah, thanks Toni! I uploaded it to the server and just renamed it on the server.

Does just renaming it work? Spiffy :slight_smile:

Yeah, my FTP program shows the extension so I am able to change it.

well, renaming it on the computer will, also shoe the extension, but when trying to opening it, you may get some sort of error message. Have you tried your’s yet to see if it actually works?

Yup I did just this before (renaming alone) and it doesn’t actually work (try opening the .ico file in a browser). You really need something to convert it to Windows ICO format (I used Irfanview as well).

Or download a free plug-in…

I have this:

one nice feature is that you can see what icons are contained into a dll by simply browsing the files from a directory.
You can try it for free for 30days.


Thanks for the link, I was just thinking about doing this a few minutes ago!

If you have Photoshop the link I posted is a FREE plugin for it.

Oh yes, sorry, I was reffering to your link :slight_smile:

I use microangelo for my icons, but I give the plugin you linked to a try iwin :slight_smile:

Or you can use an icon editor like IconForge at Its a shareware software but a good one to create static & animated icons & cursors.
I mean that you can save your icon as a bmp file in photoshop & then open this bmp file in IconForge.