Sass Theming with Configuration Files

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For well over the last year or so I’ve been working on a large scale project with multiple websites based on the same codebase. All of these sites require the same core functionality but at times differed with extra features or unique styles. When it came to styling, the main issue we found was the need for certain sites to have an entirely different theme to the others. Because of this we decided to use Sass to create the CSS for the sites. In this article I want to talk you through how we went about editing themes for the various, different sites.

To give a brief bit of context, the project is using WordPress with a parent/child theme structure. There is a core parent WordPress theme with all the main functionality that each site would use, along with child themes for each of the different market sites.

Configuring your Sass

To start with I want to take a brief look at how we typically use configuration files in our Sass. Below is a basic folder structure for one of our projects:

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