Sample webpage for resets

I’m making a framework and I’ve made my reset which I believe will be best for this situation (some Meyer, some Normalize, some personal code).

I was wondering if anyone in the community knows of a great page that I can load up (no styles attached) and throw my reset into the mix. From there, I can test how “normalized” the page is for all browsers.

So I’m looking for a good page to test my reset on. Does anyone know of such a thing? Or have a good example I can test on? Just looking for a way to test how universal I’ve made my reset.

This page seems to cover all the major elements, is that any good?

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That works for me! If anyone wants to contribute another page, feel free to do so.

Thanks @fretburner

The one normalize uses includes videos and such:
And this one has the newer elements:

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The normalize test page is perfect. Thanks.

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