Sample Letter of Authorisation to transfer domain

Hi, I’m trying to move my domain from one registrant agent to another. However the current agent is requiring a Letter of Authorisation on company letterhead before they transfer the domain to the new registrant agent. Unfortunately I’m not experienced (mainly the necessary language) in this area and am worried that I might get it wrong. I’ve tried a google search but I can’t find anything that specifically deals with this subject. Does anyone have a sample/template Letter of Authorisation that I could adapt and use?


Mmm I have seen several formats. I am sure that the company that requires the documentation has a modular doc.

Which company are you dealing with?

(Sniff, sniff)…smells like Nutwork Solutions to me.


It’s a .uk domain so the register is Nominet (I know I can forcibly do it but it costs a bit) and the current registrant agent is ChurchUK. When I first contacted them about transfering the domain, they didn’t offer a template - and as they seem quite a small operation, I doubt they even have one.

I don’t think you need all that. Simply submit transfer request at your your new registrant and when you recieve email authorisation, click it and complete the process. If your old registrar is not moving your domain to new registrar, simply complain to ICANN and get it done.

I originally contacted the new registrant agent and asked them to sort it out. However they said that they were waiting for the old registrant agent to release it and suggested that I contact the them to find out what the hold up was. Eventually the new agent reported that the transfer failed as the old registrar failed to retag the domain in time.

You should report this matter to ICANN and send a copy of your complaint to your old registrar. He will move your domain within minutes.

No offense, but did you read what Ninja-Lewis posted?

ICANN doesn’t intervene in .uk domain disputes. That’s a matter for Nominet,
the .uk Registry, to deal with.

Ninja-Lewis, if your issue hasn’t been resolved yet, contact Nominet.