Same Key Array - SOAP Parameter

I have a problem where I need the key of an array to be the same.

This is what the array looks like:

$param1 = array('COLUMN' => array('NAME' => 'Country'));
$param2 = array('COLUMN' => array('NAME' => 'Buying Influence'));
$parameters = array_merge($param1, $param2);

But since an array can’t have the same key (‘COLUMN’) this won’t work. I can’t seem to find a way to have multiple ‘COLUMN’ parameters.

This is my entire function:

$result = $this->client->RawRecipientDataExport(array('EXPORT_FORMAT' => 1, 'MOVE_TO_FTP' => TRUE, 'COLUMNS' => $parameters)); 

If I only have one Column the operation works perfect:

$result = $this->client->RawRecipientDataExport(array('EXPORT_FORMAT' => 1, 'MOVE_TO_FTP' => TRUE, 'COLUMNS' => array('COLUMN' => array('NAME' => 'Country'))));

I also tried to set my array like this but it doesn’t work:

$param = array(
array('COLUMN' => array('NAME' => 'Country')),
array('COLUMN' => array('NAME' => 'Buying Influence'))

This is how my request needs to look:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ses="SilverpopApi:EngageService.SessionHeader" xmlns:rep="SilverpopApi:EngageService.Reporting">
<soapenv:Header> <ses:sessionHeader>
<ses:sessionid>16FE7B75445E6C704707025B1B7BBEE5</ses:sessionid> </ses:sessionHeader>
</soapenv:Header> <soapenv:Body>
<rep:EVENT_DATE_START>06/01/2009 00:00:00</rep:EVENT_DATE_START> <rep:EVENT_DATE_END>06/29/2009 23:59:00</rep:EVENT_DATE_END> <rep:EXPORT_FORMAT>0</rep:EXPORT_FORMAT> <rep:EMAIL></rep:EMAIL>
</rep:COLUMN> </rep:COLUMNS>
</rep:RawRecipientDataExport> </soapenv:Body>

This is the way I got it to work:

$soap_var= array(new SoapVar('
				  <ns1:NAME>Buying Influence</ns1:NAME>
				  <ns1:NAME>Industry text</ns1:NAME>
				', XSD_ANYXML));

$result = $this->client->RawRecipientDataExport(array('EXPORT_FORMAT' => 0, 'MOVE_TO_FTP' => TRUE, 'COLUMNS' =>  $soap_var));