Same Anchor Text Everywhere is Good or Bad?

Hey guy’s,
For one of my website I use my top keywords as my anchor texts almost every where.
My question is will it hurt my ranking or it is ok to use your keyword as your anchor text every where?
Thank you.

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Are you choosing the link text which will make most sense to human visitors to your site, or are you using keyword anchor text in the hope of manipulating search engines? for whom are you creating this site - real people, or search bots?

I suggest you read

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I think you should use different anchor text. But also you should analyze your competitors to learn what anchor text they use.

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Using more anchor in 2018 search engine take it as spam, so it can be so bad for a site ranking. You should anchor your text in the rules of keyword density, if you don’t want to get ban then remove anchor ASAP

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