Sales Tax Rates By Zipcode

Does anyone have any recommendations on where to obtain sales tax rates by zip code for use in an e-commerce application? I’ve spent some time on Google searching for this and have come across several different options. There’s a few companies that sell this data for subscription fees or one larger up front fee. Then there’s a bunch of smaller sites which look shady selling the data for a lot less.

Where do you get your sales tax rate data from and are you happy with it?

(note: I’m looking for sales tax rates for the entire USA by zip code)

Heads up; you only need to collect Sales Tax on the State where you conduct your business.

Example: If you are located in Colorado, you will only collect Sales Tax on Colorado orders.

You do not need to collect Sales Tax from other States.

Zip2tax is a reasonable provider:

But make sure you really need to charge sales tax at the zip code level. As noted above, you only have to charge sales tax in your zip code or state.

It’s a little more complex then that… You have to collect tax in places where you have a nexus. What exactly constitutes a nexus is a matter of debate but it could be a satellite office, a distribution facility, and as of late, even affiliates who you are paying [just ask Amazon who has pulled their program from several states as a result].

Figuring out your remittance requirements is really not a forum appropriate question, your tax advisor and / or lawyer.

To clarify, I know the locations that I need to collect sales tax. It is multiple states and is more than the state in which I am located. I just need to find a good solution providing rates by zip code for all states so that I may obtain the rates for the states I need.

If anyone has an experience with obtaining this data please share :slight_smile: Like I said before, I’ve done research on Google but haven’t really found any “reviews” or “recommendations” on such services. Some appear shady so I’d like to get some comments from people who have experience with this.


Do you have experience with them? Is their data up to date?

Got off topic, sorry about that.

I dug around a bit and while there are a number of services, none looked any more reviewed than the others. In the past I’ve used providers integrated via our ERP / Commrce system so it was pretty simple.

The Tax Foundation - Combined State & Local Sales Tax Rates (As of January 1, 2011) provides a quick overview, useful but not localized.

Perhaps ping a few companies via twitter?

If you dont find any answers by next week let me know and i’ll poke around at Internet Retailer