Sage vs Timber for Wordpress. Which do you prefer?

I don’t have experience with either and it’s likely they could overlap in some way. Their advertised features seem appealing on both sides. The reason I set it up as either/or is because I’m not sure how practical it would be to implement both. Likely not a sensible idea.

So it’s either/or.

Sage is a starter theme that offers some advanced workflow including Sass. Comes with a lot of details built in relating to Gulp automation, Javascript error checking, synchronized browser testing, all around Wordpress theme development.

More importantly it has a “theme wrapper” that reenforces DRY principles and avoids the tediousness of dealing with many template part files.

Timber on the other hand is not intended to dramatically improve workflow, instead it is a plugin that allows theme development to separate logic from HTML by using Twig. So now instead of doing the usual of writing php in HTML, now it’s separated. It enforces DRY and MVC. It’s similar to Django in that regard.

I’m not sure if these two projects can be combined (maybe someone could do that).

So does anyone have experience with either project? Any opinions?

Timber is a plug-in that joins twig templating engine into Wordpress. We can separate theme’s logic with html layout, combining twig templating engine with Sage. Timber includes some useful tools, such as:
i) TimberPost
ii) TimberMenu
iii) TimberImage
iv) Routing.

I use Timber plug-in combining with Sage.

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Was it easy combining the two? Is there some starter theme combining the two that you prefer to use?


Sage started theme with the magic of Timber twig templates:

A bit more recent port of Sage to Timber than the previous link.

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