Safety Solution for Texting while Driving

Hey guys,
Can you suggest me the safety solutions for Texting while Driving.

Yes - don’t.

Most US states have outright bans on texting, but vary on cell phone use:

As for the UK, from what I can tell, any cell phone use if flat-out banned unless contacting emergency services.


That’s correct.

The penalty is a fine of up to £1,000, 3 penalty points on your licence and a discretionary ban.

What about a keyboard that is behind the wheel, separated so you can reach it with each hand.
You could then write without looking at the keyboard. Texts could be read by a program (there are a number of systems that do that)

When you’re driving any vehicle your full attention should be focused on your driving


I know that’s the law though I bet, I can spot at least several people each day locally, driving with their mobile - “apparent life-support machine or you’d think so, from observation” - glued to their hand.

@williamzach221; I hope you don’t.

Back in my younger days I wanted to figure out how to safely drive while intoxicated. A far-fetched idea considering I was put into protective custody a few times because it was felt I couldn’t safely walk.

I had a very early morning job once, and remember a coworker coming in shocked that he had been given a citation for drinking his morning coffee on the way to work.

One of my friends once seriously hurt his back because he was in a minor accident caused by a moments distraction of changing a cassette in his car’s tape deck.

The reality is if you are driving keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road at all times. You won’t get “points” for running over a streetwalker and if you lose your life you can’t press “replay”.

True, multi-tasking is a common thing nowadays and I guess many think they can handle it while driving too. But it isn’t legal nor wise.

[font=verdana]Patience. Either patience to pull off the road for a moment while you send your message, or patience to wait til you get to where you’re going before sending the message.

Either than or get a passenger.
One thing that never fails to amaze and horrify me is the number of drivers I see talking on their mobiles when they have passengers in the car. If the call is that important that it can’t wait, why not get one of the passengers to make it instead?[/font]

oh really i always careful about this.

first park your car at side of the road and then text…

a good speech to text editor!

I think there is no safe way to do it. Driving requires full attention and texting could disrupt your attention. You need to have your eyes focused on the road at all times. Don’t text and drive :slight_smile:

This is the strangest question i have ever read, sure i haven’t been around forums very much, but still…

It is illegal (here - and ought to be everywhere). You have to stop the car before you are allowed to text.

Texting while driving is equivalent to driving under the influence. You could end of killing yourself, or, more importantly and worse, someone else. Imagine killing a small child over 10 words. Don’t do it. Value life over technological silliness. Look at your loved one today, and imagine them killed horribly in a vehicular accident as a result of some jackass texting.

Searches showed that a lot of car accidents happen exactly because of the texting while driving, so it is better to stop your car and then start texting. This can save life of a driver and passengers.:slight_smile:

composing, sending, reading text messages, email, or making other similar use of the web on a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle. they are shouldn’t. too dangerous

I absolutely think that texting while driving will be very dangerous. So I suggest to avoid texting while you’re driving and just focus on the road. You can just call if you wanted to.