Safest selling method?

Just wondering whats the safest way to sell a domain. I know there is a bunch of forums, but how do you make sure the other person doesn’t rip you off, do a charge back and so on? I am looking to sell a domain, but never done it before, hope someone can help

Use an escrow service like Escrow . com … The buyer deposits the funds with escrow, then the seller transfers the domain… Once the buyer gets confirmation the domain has been transferred, the escrow service is notified and the funds are released to the seller…

Sedo has an escrow service too. refuses to deal with certain countries, so it might be a necessary option.

Sedo seems to be the favorite for domain sales.

I believe they are 2 places you can trust.

SEDO is good. There are also some forums which allow you to sell domain names, you can register in these forums. Also, you can put a domain for sale page on the website.

SEDO is the largest domain marketplace. You can sell your domain here.

The safest method is through reputable domain names resellers.

afternic, sedo and godaddy auction are good places to sell or buy secondary market domains.

There are several trusted marketplaces for the domain name selling such as SEDO, domaininvest, parked, ebay and forums namepros, dnorum, domainstate.
In any case when you are selling through those places you will have a commission fee and you need to keep that in mind once selling.

SEDO is a good place to market your domain. Use paypal for your payment…

It has some fixed rate strategy you can compare your fees with sedo ans escrow.

I suppose you are mixing things up. paypal is payment method. That is not domain name marketplace. :wink:
But if you trust your domain name buyer you can sell your domain name directly.

Sedo or Flippa is domain marketplace and both provide escrow service.You can try there.

They all seem scary to me, don’t think there are any safe methods.

I only use Sedo for selling. As for payment method, Paypal is okay if you can deal directly. Just watch out for chargebacks. Document everything as evidence in the case of a chargeback.

GoDaddy has a domain auction website – The Domain Name After Market – – that you can sell domains on and they take care of everything for you. A month after the domain is taken care of, transferred, and paid for, they send you a check for the total amount. It is convenient for the buyers too – since they take credit cards for the purchase of the domain.

Make use of third parties like sedo or flippa.
It dangerous if you make the transaction own your own.

Is it correct that if I sell domain from sedo, flippa, or any other domain marketplace, it does not matter where did I register it?

Escrow . com is the ONLY safest service.
SEDO is famous for stealing the domains and deals.
Paypal is not safe for domain deals as it does not protect domain sellings.

Good luck