Safe website for kids!

hi all!
I have been looking for some safe websites for kids where they can post their own articles or blogs.

I was only able to find this website

Looks like it includes monthly fee though

If you have kids and you want them to post their own blogs, why not set them up with a free blogger or word press account?

ok i have got its another free blogging site.

There, is a Social Networking site for kids similar to Face Book. Try, this site Kids Wirl . Hope, it may helps you better.

Blogger, Wordpress and will be the best option for the kids who wish to write and post their own articles.

if it just for kids, go with skyrock

say no to Porn…maybe you can use contact hosting service

You can set up wordpress for your kids to scribble their thoughts and what nots. Thge best of course is to supervise them while using the internet.

The best site we have found for our kids (9) and (7) is kidswirl — they love it and it is similar to Facebook and Myspace — kids can keep their own blog in their account which is only accessible to their friends.