Safe to use floats inside email newsletter?

Hi all,

I have chopped up an image of 9 products into 9 seperate thumbs. Im floating them to sit correctly - looks great. But is this a safe approach once the email has been sent out?

Many thanks!!

probably not.

in creating html emails you have think way retro and stick to the KISS principle in layout and styling.

css support varies greatly in email clients and html emails is the 1 place where I would say it is ok to use tables for layout.

try to keep style specifications to font and colours and not much more in order to minimise the risk of the message content breaking in the email client.

a couple of tips.

  1. send both a html and plain text version of the content in the one email to the recipient.

  2. include a link to a web based version of the content in the email.


I really appreciate your reply. I didnt actually write the template, im cleaning up a designers work. The actual template uses a basic table layout, it is literally just one jpg chopped up into 9 small ones. Infact, these thumbs sit inside <td></td> column tages.

With this in mind, would you say I should still avoid the floats on these thumbs?


personally I would not use floats but I can’t say they definitely won’t work. it depends on the email client and how well it supports css.

once you have your template set up, send the email to a few different email clients and see how it looks in them.

Thanks for your input - on this instance I dont have access to the clients mailshop script. I usually write all my own scripts, but in this instance i gotta take a chance.

Perhaps the use of align=“left” would be useful on this occasion?:slight_smile:

See a guide to CSS support in email.

As Kalon says, email is the only time when you should party like it’s 1999, put everything in layout tables and use HTML tags and attributes for fonts, styling, alignment etc. Yes, using align=“left” is probably safest!

Thanks for your retro wisdom gents. P.s I like the cat! :goof: