Safe contact address for gTLD domain

As I know there are 2 ways of legal proceedings for gTLD domains:

  1. UDRP
  2. country court

If a company can not take domain from domainer by UDRP then it can also try to do it though the usual court.

It is interesting to know about services for domain owners where it will be possible to take address (contact address for WHOIS) and where exists only 1 such procedure by law - UDRP (or if the second exists too then it should be similar to UDRP and cheap for domain owner).

Can you recommend such type of service and/or country?

It seems you are talking about whois protection? If Yes I think almost every domain name registrar provide that.

Whois guard protection. They are more then enough related services. In any case: if you are doing something wrong - you will be found. No doubts. :x

How about a case when in Agreement with registrar we have a point that domain can be transfered only by UDRP’s decision but can not be transfered by any country court decision? Is it possible? Do you know such registar?

As I know for some ccTLD work UDRP (only?). Country courts have not a force.
I’d like to find the same and for gTLD.