Safari on iMac photos in tables squashed

I can’t for the life of me figure out why this page is squashing the photos of the staff, it only seems to be happening on safari on Mac. The photos are in tables and it looks like the content is pushing them aside.

Any ideas?


I’m seeing it here in Chrome too.

There could be any number of causes on this – the use of tables for NO LEGITIMATE REASON would probably top the list, though the non-breaking space and strong tag could be contributing to it.

Though with the train wreck of what, twelve stylesheets without even a media type present means it’s unlikely you’ll find many willing to take the time to even try to reverse engineer it. I can’t even find CSS being applied to that.

Wait – DUH. The ‘problem’ is pretty obvious (I feel silly for not noticing it as quickly as I should have):
<td width=“120”>


Do we SEE a problem here. Changing all those 120’s to 144’s would be the quick fix… though not the best fix. (best fix being chucking that entire disaster of CSS and presenational markup)

Something to do with tables perhaps?

Cool, thanks for your help. You’re absolutely right about the mess. Sadly I think the company for whom I contract will opt for a quick fix.