Safari,ie6&7 rendering OK but ffox3,ie8 & Opera10 NOT OK?Huh?

[FONT=“Lucida Sans Unicode”][SIZE=“2”]Hi,

This site is a repair job of a repair job
that still needs lots of repairing…

Anyways, it’s functioning(kinda) but for now I just
wanna get Firefox3 & ie8 rendering similar to Safari/Chrome/ie6/ie7

I’m mostly concerned with the styling of:
<div class=“date”> to the left of each of the posts

& the

<h2> Title in each of the posts

The post’s ‘above borders’ are missing
& the date is not displayed at all…

Any Ideas? - Thanks in advance[/SIZE][/FONT]


for a design like that i’ve used alot of IE contitional statemens… no wonder why is only working in IE :D. I’ve inspected your dom with firebug, and there is no css for your date! I think FF somehow doesn’t receive the right css file…

Yes, I’m prepared & expecting to do IE conditional comments for IE8

But Firefox & IE8 are completely ignored those selectors.
Normally IE has all the problems but now its Firefox & IE8

1st time I’ve ever seen this … :frowning:

I’m still not sure how to tackle this?

Thank you Paul,
Wow, what a mess - hahaha

I should have checked it out with
the validator before posting anything.

I’ll get back after a quick spring clean


Run your css through the CSS validator as there are some typos stopping big chunks of code from working.

.plyerbg {
backgroun[B]d:url(" url([/B]"");}
.player{display:block;min-height:10px;background:[B]url(" url("http[/B]://");

If you fix those and others then a lot of problems will probably go away :slight_smile: