Rvsitebuilder and symlinks with cloudlinux securelinks

Hi guys,

I have rvsitebuilder and the following in my cpanel,cloudlinux,cagefs,apache config on.

  1. SymLinksIfOwnerMatch in apache configuration
  2. Cloudlinux with securelinks on

When I created a tryout page everything seems to work fine. When published I noticed that no template thumbnail images were displayed on template sections.
I then decided to disable (1) and (2) after getting errors in apache error log:

mod_hostinglimits:Symlink owner mismatch, access denied due to SecureSymLink #31: /home/[domain]/public_html/tryout/www/template/pro_7-473-1_maroon_ferrisWheel_2/s_preview.jpg


Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible

Any ideas on how to fix this without having to disable these security features?


Are the image files set to the same user permissions as root or as a separate Apache user?