Running different IP numbers?

Is it ethical to run the same website using different Cascading Style Sheets with altered domains and different IP numbers for SEO? Or is that considered “black hate” SEO? If it’s “White Hat” SEO then how does a client get their hosting services to give them different IP numbers?

afaik it’s not black hat, but not a smart idea either.
search engines will see the content (so, regardless of layout, js, css, whatever) of one website is identical to that of the other, and only give “juice” to one of them, while ignoring the other.

correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t the content be the same, and thus you’re dealing then with the problem of duplicate content, which is a big no in terms of SEO.

I’m merely asking if it’s an ethical way of SEO. I would not do this if it was “black hate” SEO. I am new to SEO. I know someone who is doing this and I wanted to find out if it was ethical and right in SEO. I guess I got my answer.

It is a good way of effectively splitting all of the rank the pages get in half. The exact opposite of what you want when doing SEO.

As c2uk has already pointed out, your content is going to be duplicated and thus useless from an SEO perspective anyway.

But if you wanted to do such a thing you would approach your host and ask them for dedicated IPs for your sites, but then you get into the IPs needing to be on different servers, preferably from different hosts, then you’ll want to mix up your registrars and your registrant information, etc…

There’s a lot of work involved in running a decent black hat link network like the one you seem to be proposing.

Black hat, white hat, blue hat…

SEO is SEO and anything you do in regards to it is an attempt to increase your SE rank.

The risk with blackhat is that if you get caught you’ll get punished but at the end of the day it’s all just a big game of cat and mouse.