Running a referral competition online, for offline members

Running a referral competition online, for offline members


I am hoping for some input and help on this one…

I have often run referral competitions but this 1 is a little different.

It is for my new site Http:// - The site is mainly a social network but I have been expanding on it a lot, classifieds, auctions, restaurant/takeaway guide, local attractions guide etc.
I am doing an online competition for offline visitors - The site is for a region in ireland (North West Ireland) and marketing is online and offline.

The prizes are offline, I am working with restaurants and other offline businesses to provide prizes for users with the most referrals.

I am running the first competition for 1 month because the site is just launched and wont have enough visitors to make it worth while doing for any less.
I would like to try work out something fair for all members in the contest, running it for 1 month wouldnt be fair for visitors that have just joined the site in the last week but want to take part.

Hope some people could give me some suggestions on how to run this…

Anyone :slight_smile: