Running a competition on Facebook asking entrants to like a page?

Hi there,

I am wanting to increase the likes of a Facebook page and thinking of running a competition in which users must like the page.

What I am thinking of is running the competition on Facebook asking people to like the page and then fill in their details on an external web form.

Is this allowed? I think i remember it’s not, but wanted to clarify.

If it is not allowed, can anyone recommend another way of getting people to like the page when entering?


The Facebook Page guidelines in regards to promotions don’t state that you can’t ask people to like a page to enter a competition, so technically yes, you can do it. However, tracking users who like your page and enter them in a contest isn’t practical – so even though it’s permitted, I’d strongly recommend you find another way to run the campaign – maybe through a third-party app that handles the whole participation and winner selection aspects for you.

In any case, you can encourage users to like your page whichever way you like, such as having a popup or a like button below a piece of text that says that the winner will be announced on your Facebook page, and that you suggest them to like in order to stay tuned.

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Thanks for the reply and clarifying this.

I have seen many contests similar this this:

  1. Like this post
  2. Share this post
  3. Tag three friends you would love to have a BBQ with!

So I will probably use something similar.

Thanks again!