Run apps off a USB drive?

Hey, guys, do you have the experience of running your daily used apps off a USB drive?

Which is I am now trying to do. But I find that only portable apps can be run like that.

while some apps like MS office are not portably available. How can I do that?

I mean when I install MS Office 2003 on Prayaya-enabled USB drive, I can run MS office off my USB on other computers even if there are not MS office on them.

It seems that prayaya can make your USB a portable operating system.

I only played games… from the CD! but not applications… wait, wait… Linux can be started and run from a USB pendrive :slight_smile:

Thanks. how about this one, it seems to write registry into a USB drive?

it is Prayaya?

Do you think that will work? I tried to install MS office into it, and it works on other computers. I am too confused.


Try it out and see if it works.

What do you mean “it works on other computers”? Does it not work on your computer?

no body knows?

Nice work.

Glad you found a solution.

Not all applications lend themselves to being run stand-alone or as a portable app.

MS Office can’t be run as a portable application as it needs to write to the registry etc. as it is installed.

You cannot make apps portable if they have requirements on files being in certain locations, if they require registry access or if they store their settings outside of the local directory. Applications have to usually be built to be portable as compromises have to be made in how information is stored and how the file structure is laid out. As for Microsoft Office… just don’t even think about it, it would require far too much effort to even try and hack it into a portable format. :slight_smile: