Run a script without cron job


How can I run a script every 10 seconds without a cron job ?

You need to find a daemon which does this for you, PHP is probably not the best thing to use.

Explain why you need to do it, and maybe you will get some more options.


I want a script that calculates the bandwidth consumption on a streaming server, and updates the database with new data. Every 10 seconds.

If you are such a big player that you need to show/get this information in ten second intervals you would go well with a server that includes cron jobs…

every solution in php just makes no sense (and maybe is even impossible).

Is there another method to check the bandwidth usage on a Shoutcast server. Also add information into a mysql database?

Sorry for my bad english btw.

I remember this old thread asking similar questions, maybe there are some clues in it.

[google]python like cron[/google] - that might throw something up