Run a function when no actions from user for specified time (pure JS)

I’ve got a function that delays javascript load to act on user interaction. Here’s the javascript function:

class LazyLoadScripts {
  constructor(e) {
      this.triggerEvents = e, this.eventOptions = {
          passive: !0
      }, this.userEventListener = this.triggerListener.bind(this), this.delayedScripts = {
          normal: [],
          async: [],
          defer: []
      }, this.allJQueries = []
  _addUserInteractionListener(e) {
      this.triggerEvents.forEach(t => window.addEventListener(t, e.userEventListener, e.eventOptions))
  _removeUserInteractionListener(e) {
      this.triggerEvents.forEach(t => window.removeEventListener(t, e.userEventListener, e.eventOptions))
  triggerListener() {
  /* ....... */
  static run() {
      const e = new LazyLoadScripts(["keydown", "mousemove", "touchmove", "touchstart", "wheel"]);

But, I want this function to run after a specific time (5 sec) if no user interaction happens. How can I do that? Can anyone help me? Please!

Add a setTimeout() call for 5 seconds. If an interaction happens, then in the handler for the event, just cancel the timeout.

Recall that setTimeout() returns a value that can be used to store a reference to the timer. If you set this on the window object, you can essentially cancel the timer from anywhere (using clearTimeout(<that variable>)).

window.noActionTimer = setTimeout(run, 5000);

// Inside some listener (which is triggered when the user interacts within the 5 seconds)

So play around with that and you should come up with something pretty quick. :slight_smile:

I can’t play with JavaScript! Can you please add more?

If you have a browser, you can play with JavaScript. Use your devtools if you need to try out some things. This site is for helping you, not doing everything for you. Here is a great video to learn devtools in chrome if you are not familiar with it and how you can use it play with JavaScript.

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