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How easy to build to ROR websites than .NET, Java, php, Word Press website?

Hi there David,

No idea, honestly. :smile: But everything has some learning curve, needs some resources and services on the server, some deploy mechanism, etc.

Java and PHP are languages and building a website from scratch is usually very hard because you need to write everything from scratch or glue together various 3rd party libraries. It is easier to get started though, but gets much harder when the complexity and needs of the website increase (e.g. an admin interface).

ROR and (I think, not sure) .NET are frameworks built on top of languages. They are meant to give you tools with which you can create websites more easily because you don’t need to build everything from scratch. But it takes time to learn how the framework works, how various parts work. This can be frustrating at first but you may be more productive after a few tutorials or books.

Word Press is full product, not really a framework, but you must learn the components nevertheless if you want to modify it to your needs. If you don’t need to change it, you can install it in a few minutes and you are ready to go. Its internals aren’t the nicest, though, so I stay away from it.

Maybe you should think about what kind of website you want, what it should have, and then we can talk about what might be a good way to build it (or not).

Did that help?

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Thank you Ollie, Your answer helped me a lot. Got the information about all the programming languages. I hope WordPress will be the easier.

Yes, WordPress is most easiest way to create any Website.if we talk about hierarchy of tough to simple in website development.I am putting on top to toughest one is Java,.Net,PHP,Ruby on Rail,WordPress.

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go with wordpress for ROR . . use wordpress to build your website in hours even minutes. If you want to be a programer go with other languages.

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