Rss to pocket

Hi everyone,

I read a lot of articles from (about PHP).
This website has rss so I can check if there are new articles.

Now I have a kobo reader, which can retrieve articles that are added using an api (

It is easy to search the blog everytime, but is there a tool / simple php script that will fetch the rss feed, check if there are new items and send them to an api?

I started with [huginn]( to look if it was possible (yesterday), but could not get it running yet (something with docker + synology issues).

I love to read, and typing code, but is there a faster (open source) way?

Well there are a ton of RSS watcher type of scripts. Did you have a preferred programming language in mind for it? I mean you can write this in JavaScript so every time you load the page, it checks the feed and if something is new shows you. Or if you are looking for something server-side in PHP there are things there too.

I mean it should be pretty easy to code up as it is just a matter of reading the feed URL, caching the entries and if anything new was added, call an API or do something with it.

I would just look online for “feed watcher”. Here is one that might be interesting for you in JS…


Hi @Martyr2 ,

I kinda started with it in PHP,
Not done, but kinda fun

Congrats. :slight_smile: